About Me

Natural born Geek!

I’m a passionate in technology since I dismissed my shorts to wear high school clothes. I start to work in IT relatively late, at 22, as computer technician in a small shop in Brescia.

I moved from consumer to SME support when I decided to follow my own path as freelance IT consultant. It was the era of Windows NT 4.0 and Exchange 5.0.
Now, just a “few” years later, though I’m not more a freelance I’m working in Verona as System Engineer and my passion never fade. After some achieve with Microsoft certifications in Windows Server and Virtualization, I was moving to the Coud technologies to better support Enterprise in this time of changes.

But my life isn’t only computers and technology, I nurture another passion: free-climbing. Hey, don’t think about man without rope on high crag, rather you must think about big stone with guys on base that try to get the top while they have good time into the nature.

Here some tech badge: